Friday, May 8, 2009

Great Day for the Mail

Yesterday was a Big day in the mailbox. The Motherlode.

I received a little knitted and felted bag filled with chocolates (my favorite kind) from a delightful friend . . . it is a beautiful little pouch that I will use for necessary items (i.e., card wallet, lip gloss) and hang from my belt, I think. It is such a nice gift!
Thank you, My Friend!

And, I received TWO cards. Really special from really special people. Thank you, Really Special Friends!

And, the Norwegian Textile Newsletter came. That is a huge treat with lots of new knowledge to come when I read it.

And, this . . . a friend (teacher) that I have known for many, many years and see infrequently is kinda famous. I read the article written about his work in the Minnesota Educator newsletter. If all of us teachers put our passion into energy like his, we would probably need less money to give our kids more knowledge and valuable experiences.

All mail today was GREAT! What a warm day!

And, home sick with a "virus", all these mail senders do not even know how much this meant to my recovery . . . and feeling better.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Very nice day for gardening . . .

Today, my spinaches went to the garden. And, while I was dirty, we planted some seeds in little pots.

a sweet pepper,
some cucs
and some basil.

I tried to buy broccolli at the garden store but the woman said the register was broken, so no broccolli.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Getting Started in the Garden

My Husband made a comment about my weeding the garden--getting started on the weeding. It has been a bit chilly and windy this week, so I did not venture out for this opportunity. But, I did get to MFGC (My Favorite Garden Center) and bought some spinaches.

The two with the littler leaves are a petite spinach that I have planted for the past two years--tasty. The other with the bigger leaves are CLIMBING spinach that are supposed to produce until mid-June.

This is the beginning of a slippery slope . . .