Sunday, November 29, 2009

Even More Sock Sale Adventures

When My Husband and I went to the Rotary Sock Sale in Osage (now, the story is getting old, but there really was a LOT to tell), I stopped in a stitching store on the main street (not knowing if it's called Main Street, but there is really a main street with shops and Teluwat Restaurant). I asked the clerk if they had any wool fabric. They had LOTS of fabric, so it was likely . . . but no. They then kindly asked if I had been to UNI (huh?).

The two women were described the shop. They were telling me what I might find there RIGHT when My Husband strolled in the store, finding me in the midst of this nice conversation. Trapped in a wool trap, I was. He was very nice about it and we followed the little map that the women prepared for us. With the map, I was hoping to get some snacks, but it was not that far from downtown Osage. It was really a bike ride away, not even a car ride.

When we arrived at Ewe and Eye, there was a little sign at the end of the drive to welcome customers. The shop is housed in a little out building at a residence. It's a Mom and Daughter deal, with LOTS of wonderful rug-hooking supplies. It was so fabulous that even a knitter could find some goods!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sock Monkeys

When I'm not knitting, I am reading about knitting and thinking about knitting.

Somebody, somewhere was thinking when they made these cute Sock Monkeys!

A few years ago, My Husband purchased a "sock monkey kit" for me. It included a pattern and a pair of brown, cream and red colored socks. Cool. Now, you can just buy a fully crafted sock monkey.

This is still Sock Sale, so you know it was a great time!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Sock Sale 2009

In Osage, IA each year (this year held on November 6-8), the Osage Rotary holds a Sock Sale. My Husband introduced me to this phenomenon which was located in his backyard while growing up. He invited me on a little outing to the Sock Sale (unbeknownst upon acceptance of the invitation, it included lunch at "Teluwut" and a LOT of interesting tidbits about My Husband's childhood).

Sokkgirl attended her first Sock Sale.

There were tables and tables and tables of Fox River Mills Socks for sale. The prices were $1 per pair of unlabeled socks (socks with no label band), $2 for socks with a FRM sock band and $3 for pairs with other sock band labels (which included bags with TWO pairs of socks in them). This pricing was all pretty much a mystery to a first-time attendee (me) until you hit check-out.

Socks were in boxes on tables and under tables.

There was an organizational system of Women's Medium and Large and Men's Medium and Large and Extra Large. And, there were boxes off to one side that had absolutely no organizational system. This is where I found some true treasures.

This was My Husband toting the goods after the sale.

My Friends, $39 for the load!

Oh, I almost forgot. Fox River Mills is possibly The Home of The Sock Monkey Sock (another blog post).