Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Knitting Camp

Just home from Meg Swansen's Knitting Camp.  I attended Retreat 3 (Camp 3) as a First Timer.  Biggest compliment of the retreat--I got called an "off timer" by one of my camp-mates!

There were sweaters.  I call it a "sea of sweaters" as you could safely dive in to the tables and tables of wooly goodness.  And, always the next one more beautiful!

I learned kitchener stitch from Carol Anderson (yes, THE Carol Anderson) in a private lesson after Meg demonstrated kitchenering in purl, ribbing, garter st, etc.  Before, while kitchenering, I read the direction, did it.  Then read the next part of the direction, did that.  Now, after working with Carol, I know HOW to do it.

Meg put her nose in lots of books with us daily.  She showed the Muhu book (LOVE!).

In the Sea of Sweaters, I unearthed this lovely Fair Isle yoke "henley" of Jamieson Shetland Spindrift.  It took all of Saturday to look at the Jamieson colors that Schoolhouse Press stocks.  ALL of the skeins were displayed on several adjoining tables, attached in rings of like colorways, so you could look at dark-light and solid-heathers together and easily move them around without having chaos.  I had to sleep on this project before I could land on a colorway.  I did NOT beat Eleanor to the Brown Book on Sunday morning!

There were sampler pieces.  Brilliant.  This one is showing a myriad of decreases.

There was so very much Knitting Camp fun, it is hard to put it in a blog post!  Mostly, my thanks to all of the long-time lovely campers that made my Camp experience a lifetime memory.

I do feel like an off-timer already!