Tuesday, March 24, 2009

That's a LOT of yarn!

This, My Dears, is a "kilo" of yarn from a small village in Chile. I will have more details on the origin when My Husband returns; however, when looking through Lonely Planet (Chile), the descriptions of yarn being available in the local markets--this is it.

It's really "spun" and quite boing-ey. And there is a LOT. I think I have a plan, tho. Think Lopi, top-down with a round neck design; short, cropped with 3/4 sleeves. I got a big gob of green from My Husband's 2007 trip to Chile. Maybe, if he goes back, I can make a 3-color sweater. Green and cream (this) and whatever color he brings me next time!


My Husband has been in Chile since the end of February . . . he sent this home:

He has been reporting of the yarn that he found, sold in kilos in Chile. And, of some raw wool. He did say that it cost a lot to send the package, but emptied his backpack! Can't wait!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Dear Hunting

Today, it is rainy and blahk outside. Not black, blahk. AND, the birds are twittering.

I have some free fiber to try spindling again. I think my "free" fiber is less easy than what I got from the nice Tactile Fiber Arts women.

I will just know that it's the fiber and not me.

It's Deer-Hunter Orange. I will have to put on sunglasses if I'm going to do this for any length of time.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Drop Spindle Challenge

When I was at Madrona (MFAR), the nice women at Tactile "taught" me how to drop spindle (DS). In less than 2 minutes, I was MAKING yarn. I showed My Friends. Another customer was standing in the booth (and I think she thought) I made it look so easy, she needed to try it, too!

Now, know that there is this "Old Dog" phrasement running through my mind the whole time the whorl is whorling . . . and, that I have tried this before and not been so swell at it.

I made a little fiber into string. Smitten.

I bought a little, tiny YELLOW (I don't really own anything yellow, but it had a happy--not frightening look, like BROWN) drop spindle. And, the woman gave me some verbal tips, and a little spare hair to play with in exchange for my VISA.

I carried my bag up to the hotel room and totally forgot everything she said to me. I would not admit this; however, and looked lovingly at my new drop spindle like it would eventually do that yarn-making thing again. RULE: always write down everything because you're gonna forget it.

I went BACK to Tactile the next day and made sure that I had more fiber to spin. This time, enough for a pair of socks. Pink. I don't own anything pink. More VISA time was exchanged.

So, I came home . . . tried it out a few times here and there and used up that little complimentary grey wool that I got with my DS. Today, I dug in my stash, and found some "free" wool. I think I'm gonna spin "free" for awhile.

The woman at Tactile said I would master this task in 7 hours. I'm about 6 1/2 hours in. My Friend did tell me I she probably did not mean 7 hours at ONCE. Maybe, tho.

I Tried

I have NOT been anywhere for awhile . . . grocery store, pharmacy, work and home. Dull girl. I have been hearing a sponsor ad for a cool thing in the city and decided that I wanted to participate. The ad said that if you make a $15 donation, you will get a hand-made bowl and some soup. The proceeds then go to a men's shelter. So, I thought that I roughly knew where this was located and would be within the 11:00 to 2:00 event time. I made my way in to the city, got on to University and started looking at numbers . . . all good. Then, traffic became unusually stucked. I thought it was just that I was heading into a busier spot, no problem, just follow the guy in front of me. Then there were police lights like crazy and everyone trying to get out of there, turning, changing lanes, etc. I thought I could turn, go around a block, come up from behind and be right at the address for the soup bowl thing.

So, as I was turning, I saw this:

And when I came around from the block below, I saw this:

So, when I tried to find the location of the soup bowl benefit, there was much-to-much mayhem and I bagged it. I felt like I tried to do something for good . . . I will have to try something else. Like maybe go out for a bowl of soup and leave a big whomping tip.

Oh, and I drove RIGHT BY where The Yarnery was holding the Mellville event. Dratitall.