Sunday, March 22, 2009

Drop Spindle Challenge

When I was at Madrona (MFAR), the nice women at Tactile "taught" me how to drop spindle (DS). In less than 2 minutes, I was MAKING yarn. I showed My Friends. Another customer was standing in the booth (and I think she thought) I made it look so easy, she needed to try it, too!

Now, know that there is this "Old Dog" phrasement running through my mind the whole time the whorl is whorling . . . and, that I have tried this before and not been so swell at it.

I made a little fiber into string. Smitten.

I bought a little, tiny YELLOW (I don't really own anything yellow, but it had a happy--not frightening look, like BROWN) drop spindle. And, the woman gave me some verbal tips, and a little spare hair to play with in exchange for my VISA.

I carried my bag up to the hotel room and totally forgot everything she said to me. I would not admit this; however, and looked lovingly at my new drop spindle like it would eventually do that yarn-making thing again. RULE: always write down everything because you're gonna forget it.

I went BACK to Tactile the next day and made sure that I had more fiber to spin. This time, enough for a pair of socks. Pink. I don't own anything pink. More VISA time was exchanged.

So, I came home . . . tried it out a few times here and there and used up that little complimentary grey wool that I got with my DS. Today, I dug in my stash, and found some "free" wool. I think I'm gonna spin "free" for awhile.

The woman at Tactile said I would master this task in 7 hours. I'm about 6 1/2 hours in. My Friend did tell me I she probably did not mean 7 hours at ONCE. Maybe, tho.


Maia said...

How's the spinning? That spindle is awfully cute.

Anonymous said...

hehehe ;) you go girl! I have complete faith in you. now I'm off to play catch up on your blog posts. tundramor