Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Last week, I called The Yarnery to see if I could take the second leg of Shelly Kang's Mitered Square class. It was cancelled. Gasp. I know. I was afraid that it would be FULL. So, I printed out all of the information from Shelly's blog and started this blanket. I did not follow directions (for the first stitch and the last stitch of a row) right off, and had some whompy edges, but after re-reading, I was able to replicate Shelly's smart edge.

This whole knitting time, I have been sick with some mystery flu slash virus slash bacterial infection slash yucky stuff. So, this was really nice calm, knitting for me to do in between trips to the sink (hydration) or bathroom (un-dration). I had been sick since May 3 or so but did not start The Blanket until May 29. See why I did not follow directions so swell at the onset?

Today, I proclaimed FIGHT on this thing (not the blanket, the bug). Firstly, I appealed to God, the shaman in Peru, God some more, and for general mucho mojo. Nextly, I went to Wonder Chiropractor for an alignment. I felt like dancing afterwards. Soon following, after a series of kismit, the mucho mojo and action, I received a diagnosis with antibiotics from the medical people.

Back to the blanket--this is all left-over sock yarn of my OWN (so far). Yikes.

That's a lotta socks, sokkgirl.