Sunday, March 28, 2010

Cheering Buddy

This red bear guy has been my Cheering Buddy this week . . . as you can tell, not a lot of sympathy. Does not take a lot of back talk. Whining does nothing.

Cute, tho!

I think I'll knit him a sweater.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Yummy Soft Scarf

This yummy wool scarf was naturally-dyed by "Stockholm Botanicals".

Dyed with marigold flowers using a unique technique that intrigues me--a skiff of magic with some extra-good stuff sprinkled in, then slightly stewed and given a little waAHh-lahh, I believe!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Scandinavian Treasures

Went on a little visit and a shop.

I found this nice hood with stitching and thought it might make a nice pattern for knitting.

In my head, I was thinking about the price of the bonnet. How much would I spend on a knitting pattern? Well, this much. But how much would I spend for a challenge! I want to graph this, and then have an idea for the lacy border and decorative edge stitching. It might become something, maybe not. Really cool, tho!

And, I was smitten with these woven apron bands. They remind me of tiny, petite bands that I saw in the Zorn Museum in Sweden on the Vesterheim Textile Tour 2007. The bands on the apron are generously long. And, very finely woven.

Good day with sunshine, little birds, nice friends and shopping!

Oh, I almost forgot. I added to my nostepinne collection. Photos eluded me, so you'll just have to imagine! Think MUSEUM! Carving, and the initals S. O. daintily carved in the side. And, a little rattley wood piece.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hook Inn

Last weekend, I attended a Hook-In. I am calling it a Hook-Inn as I ended up at the Country Inn. My Mom was sick with a Mystery Virus, so I was not able to stay with her. And, I took the FREE shuttle to/from (and sometimes FREE ride from a friend) to the Hook-In at the Rochester Athletic Club (Rochester, MN).

There was yummy dyed wool from To Dye For

and, this is my Try Project.

I have already learned a LOT. Steep learning curve, and very fun!