Sunday, February 28, 2010

Picollo's Pizzeria Pizza (Eagan, MN)

The very best pizza. No yuck. Great sauce. Great crust. Great people.

This is the Classic Cheese. No hype. Just warm, melty goodness.

Find it here:

(651) 454-1212
4162 Pilot Knob Rd
Eagan, MN 55122

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The other morning, there was a substantial amount of fog and hoarfrost. Less my neighbors haul me off to the Loony Bin, I was not discovered taking these photos in the wee morning hours (in 'jammies).

The first time that I heard this word, hoarfrost, was My Husband describing some trees (this when we were first dating) and I accused him of making it up and demanded an explanation of his vulgar-ness (and guffawed until I fell over).

No, but really. Hoarfrost. So beautiful. Mindful of a Bohus designed named "Hoarfrost". I forget what name it has now published, but not that. Similar to the "tobacco" design name. Both stunning sweater designs, but probably not acceptable names today. Goldarnit. I LOVE the "Tobacco" sweater (rich browns). Maybe renamed "Chocolate" or "Turtle" (you know, those yummy pecan, caramel and chocolate candies).


Bohus-Style Knee Highs are qualified. I hope I am not disqualified with highly advanced needles. It's like using steroidal needles. Sleek design, smooth and SQUARE!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Olympic Knitting

If you look very closely at the snow-ey photo, you can see the sparkl-ey snow that we received on our back deck the other day. It was so lovely.

In preparation for Ravelympics (Olympic participation via Ravelry), I was winding my project yarn balls. There were FIVE, so I thought it would make a nice Olympic "ring".

Ravelympic Event: Bohus-Style Knee Highs (project here)

The knit pattern for "Bohus-Style Knee Highs" by Chrissy Gardiner is in the book "Color Style" (link to Amazon--choose "look here" feature, photo on the "Contents" page).

I took a class from Chrissy this summer on Bohus knitting and put this project in my to-do pile. Pam, from Knitter's Palette, was kind to order the yarn.

I'll be watching the Minnesota Olympic participation here!