Friday, October 31, 2008

Anniversary Card

I got home kinda late last night after having pizza at our favorite pizza spot with My Husband. He did not come home. We met at the pizza spot, then he drove to another state. I went home OMO (on my own), and called him quick about some needless matter--walking in the house, putting down the mail, etc. I walked upstairs to the bathroom (lipstick check, no whhaait, home alone--facility use) and I found this propped on the bathroom mirror:

My Husband NEVER (well, maybe once) gives me an anniversary card. I did not even wait until Saturday (our wedding ceremony anniversary day) to open it. I opened it right then while he was on the phone with me.

That was very nice.

Just a little anniversary history with My Husband:

Each year, I look up the traditional and modern anniversary gifts. Then, I gift.
  • Year One is paper. My Husband got a nice daily newspaper.
  • Year Two is cotton. He got a nice pair of jeans from J. Crew.
  • Year Three--Leather. He got leather money clip from J. Crew with a strong magnet.
  • Year Four--I do not remember.
  • Year FIVE. That is this year. Wood. Hmm.
HUGE DISCLAIMER: My Husband gives me gifts all year long, all the time . . . he's not bought in to the card-and-gift on a Day. He just does the gifting whenever he wants.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

New Shoes

I have lots of options when it comes to shoes. Most of the shoes that I wear are sensible and flat and comfortable. Today, I traveled to Nordstoms, the Disney World of Shoes for Women. I LOVE shopping at Nordstroms. They have so many good shoe choices. And, so many nice service-eers.

There are beautiful boots with high heels and flat heels and with realllllyyyy high heels. And, these flashy athletic-like shoes. Pumps. Pumped-up pumps. They even have a large selection of kinds and brands of flip flops (even though it snowed here today).

I bought these:

They came in this cute orange box, kindof seasonally appropriate in color.

And with a little heel. Good shoes for a witch. Or a school teacher. Or a witch-ey school teacher. Hmm.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Clothing Care

Some of you are going to jump right to "crazy" but hear me out. I am making this Knitted Babe. A Babe has to have some clothes. I am not a sewster, but thought about cloth that I might have in The Stash. I have some. And, I remembered keeping some scraps of vintage cloth just in case I would have to mend a vintage quilt (yeah, right) or something. So, I moved a chair over to the counter, climbed up and drug a vintage picnic basket down off the kitchen cupboard and whalah. I located my stash of scraps. Now thinking, I do not even remember what kind of stuff is IN this picnic basket; however, we'll see.

The first piece on top is quite large. So, I took it out to find additional pieces in the bottom. I put the whole pile of fabric into the kitchen sink, started running luke-warm water and went to find the best mild, gentle fabric soap that I have. For those of you who keep up with my underwear life, you know that I just invested in an accoutrement of uplifting bras and had to purchase special soap, too.

So, now for the crazy part. The large piece that I washed was this dress. I soooo do not know why it did not make its way directly into the trash upon acquisition.

Here's the NOT crazy part. I think I valued the care that was taken to elongate the life of this dress. I think this is the vision that made me keep the tattered piece--I can see a woman, of cookie-and-bar-baking fame, wearing it, wiping flour on the pocket areas. She rode her bike along a gravel road (cookies in a tin in the bike basket) to church to sell her cookies at the bake sale. So many of the stitches in this dress and its patches are done by hand. This woman knew how to darn a sock. She probably milked a cow in her day. If you asked her for a bobby pin, she would go upstairs to the little jar she kept them in to retrieve one. She still uses them.

So, not so crazy about the dress?

I am sure that I aquired the dress pre- digitally. I now value the ability to give this dress its due. I can take pictures, upload them, and put them up to share.

I'm still keeping the dress. Crazy.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Knit Babe

I was feeling a bit whompy today and not feeling like putting any energy or thinking into knitting. I remembered that twoyearsago I started a Knitted Babe. I retrieved The Babe from My Knit Room and was surprised to find a large dehydrated spider in the bag with her. I felt like I was not taking very good care of My Girl. All the more reason to pull out this particular project and give it some attention.

I knit two arms, a 1/2 leg and a head today.

I think that is pretty admirable.

I hope that My Girl becomes a Babe tomorrow.

Doctor Visit

Yesterday, I visited My Doctor for a "visit". I got weighed and then got a seat in Room 27 with The Nurse. I got my blood pressure taken. My weight matched my blood pressure. Yes, way!

For those of you who know little details about my personal life, you will know that I have been battling high blood pressure (HBP) for about 2 years or so. I am convinced that it is related to beginning a medication, so then I get to take ANOTHER medication to combat the HBP. I do not any other kinds of HBP habits (i.e., smoking, which I keep threatening to start just to get a little rise out of My Car Pooling Partner). So, having a lower blood pressure the past few times I have had it checked has been stellar. Way to go Nurse for giving me a good score!

When I brought this to My Doctor's attention, he checked some of those other physical number statistics. He reported that not only do I have a match on my BP and weight, my hystolic and diastolic (neologisms on my part) match. In addition, my height, he noted was 5'5.5". And, I had a magical fat to muscle ratio number that he rattled off.

With all this allignment, he told me I better go buy a lottery ticket.

Now, if your DOCTOR tells you to begin a gambling habit and start throwing money to the wind, you should definitely do so. I gotta go find a dollar and a Kwik Trip.