Friday, October 17, 2008

Doctor Visit

Yesterday, I visited My Doctor for a "visit". I got weighed and then got a seat in Room 27 with The Nurse. I got my blood pressure taken. My weight matched my blood pressure. Yes, way!

For those of you who know little details about my personal life, you will know that I have been battling high blood pressure (HBP) for about 2 years or so. I am convinced that it is related to beginning a medication, so then I get to take ANOTHER medication to combat the HBP. I do not any other kinds of HBP habits (i.e., smoking, which I keep threatening to start just to get a little rise out of My Car Pooling Partner). So, having a lower blood pressure the past few times I have had it checked has been stellar. Way to go Nurse for giving me a good score!

When I brought this to My Doctor's attention, he checked some of those other physical number statistics. He reported that not only do I have a match on my BP and weight, my hystolic and diastolic (neologisms on my part) match. In addition, my height, he noted was 5'5.5". And, I had a magical fat to muscle ratio number that he rattled off.

With all this allignment, he told me I better go buy a lottery ticket.

Now, if your DOCTOR tells you to begin a gambling habit and start throwing money to the wind, you should definitely do so. I gotta go find a dollar and a Kwik Trip.

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