Sunday, October 26, 2008

New Shoes

I have lots of options when it comes to shoes. Most of the shoes that I wear are sensible and flat and comfortable. Today, I traveled to Nordstoms, the Disney World of Shoes for Women. I LOVE shopping at Nordstroms. They have so many good shoe choices. And, so many nice service-eers.

There are beautiful boots with high heels and flat heels and with realllllyyyy high heels. And, these flashy athletic-like shoes. Pumps. Pumped-up pumps. They even have a large selection of kinds and brands of flip flops (even though it snowed here today).

I bought these:

They came in this cute orange box, kindof seasonally appropriate in color.

And with a little heel. Good shoes for a witch. Or a school teacher. Or a witch-ey school teacher. Hmm.

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