Friday, October 31, 2008

Anniversary Card

I got home kinda late last night after having pizza at our favorite pizza spot with My Husband. He did not come home. We met at the pizza spot, then he drove to another state. I went home OMO (on my own), and called him quick about some needless matter--walking in the house, putting down the mail, etc. I walked upstairs to the bathroom (lipstick check, no whhaait, home alone--facility use) and I found this propped on the bathroom mirror:

My Husband NEVER (well, maybe once) gives me an anniversary card. I did not even wait until Saturday (our wedding ceremony anniversary day) to open it. I opened it right then while he was on the phone with me.

That was very nice.

Just a little anniversary history with My Husband:

Each year, I look up the traditional and modern anniversary gifts. Then, I gift.
  • Year One is paper. My Husband got a nice daily newspaper.
  • Year Two is cotton. He got a nice pair of jeans from J. Crew.
  • Year Three--Leather. He got leather money clip from J. Crew with a strong magnet.
  • Year Four--I do not remember.
  • Year FIVE. That is this year. Wood. Hmm.
HUGE DISCLAIMER: My Husband gives me gifts all year long, all the time . . . he's not bought in to the card-and-gift on a Day. He just does the gifting whenever he wants.

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utwistknit said...

Yea! How awesome for you. We usually go together on a Saturday and shop for birthday gifts for our daughter, enjoy the day together. Sometimes at a bed and breakfast around the state.