Sunday, November 16, 2008

Getting to Some Things

Since we have some of this:

It has been a nice, quiet time to knit and get at some projects.

We have had a Mystery Leak in our wash room. Both My Husband and I thought it the washing machine as each time we did a load of laundry, we got a little trickle. But then the trickle went away, so we ignored that we once had a trickle. Then it came back, went away, etc. This has been going on for some time. Today, My Husband put the washing machine up on two two-by-fours and got down on the floor with a flashlight. Nothing seemed awry.

Then, he did further investigating and found some dampness and wet by the water softener. It was kindof a good thing. He has not put salt in it for a bit, so we checked the salt. Nothing, really. Yet all that dampy-ness. He made a decision to yank the water softener charger (found some dinosaur bones underneath it) and the salt recepticle. More fossilized items under there.

Then, when My Husband put little ends on the copper tubing and hooked up the water, wahlah. No water. Nada. Nothing. My Husband laughed at his design. I did not get it. He spent much of the rest of the day making a no-leak little bridge from one copper pipe to the other. He spent a lot of time going to Menard's and talking with several little old guys.

I might be famous if I take the found fossilized items to the museum. Don't stop breathing or anything while you are waiting for my famousness to occur.

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