Sunday, March 22, 2009

I Tried

I have NOT been anywhere for awhile . . . grocery store, pharmacy, work and home. Dull girl. I have been hearing a sponsor ad for a cool thing in the city and decided that I wanted to participate. The ad said that if you make a $15 donation, you will get a hand-made bowl and some soup. The proceeds then go to a men's shelter. So, I thought that I roughly knew where this was located and would be within the 11:00 to 2:00 event time. I made my way in to the city, got on to University and started looking at numbers . . . all good. Then, traffic became unusually stucked. I thought it was just that I was heading into a busier spot, no problem, just follow the guy in front of me. Then there were police lights like crazy and everyone trying to get out of there, turning, changing lanes, etc. I thought I could turn, go around a block, come up from behind and be right at the address for the soup bowl thing.

So, as I was turning, I saw this:

And when I came around from the block below, I saw this:

So, when I tried to find the location of the soup bowl benefit, there was much-to-much mayhem and I bagged it. I felt like I tried to do something for good . . . I will have to try something else. Like maybe go out for a bowl of soup and leave a big whomping tip.

Oh, and I drove RIGHT BY where The Yarnery was holding the Mellville event. Dratitall.

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