Saturday, February 28, 2009

Knittie and Foodie

Well, I am just bubbling here . . . and knitting from all ends of the house . . . I am focused on working on my "work" mittens and I have started a pair of "whew, I gotta put this down for a minute and relax and knit" socks. I used a new-knitting-knowledge two-end (kind-of) cast on from Nancy Bush's Estonian Socks Class (at Madrona Fiber Arts Retreat 2009) to start these socks, so they have a little bit of knitterly interest, otherwise, they are my regular plain sock.

And, then there was a little whompey stitch waaaaaayyyyy down on the K3P1 cuff of the socks (for My Husband) that I started with the STR yarn from BMFA, so I did not rip. Repeat, I did not rip. I just took that one stitch down about 14 rows and un-whompey-ed it, picked up the "dropped" stitches and wahlah! I fixed it.

That's my report for the day . . . I am watching ALL of the cooking shows on TPT and not really listening until something that I think is interesting comes on, then I missed the "good" part! They all have websites, so I can easily retrieve my missed information. Like I found when the woman added the pasta to this on "Gourmet: Diary of a Foodie":

and the pasta turned PINK, I was sssoooooo interested!


Judy said... fun was Medrona? Did you buy up a storm? Learn everything there is to know? Drink tasty grape juice???

sokkgirl said...

Yeah, yeah and yeah.