Friday, April 4, 2008


Sometimes you write something kinda good, or meaningful. There is this copy/paste option that allows less typing . . . I sent this off to My Knit Friends, but kindof liked it enough to share here:

I got up this morning and checked Ravelry right off . . . my avatar has a little birthday cake on it! That means it is My Birthday! If I did not have an e-mail and phone call and mail box explosion, it would go pretty much unnoticed.

I did take note this morning that I have to choose today--cup half empty or half full. It's a half-way b'day. I decided half full as many of my treasured friends are on the "upside" of my age--all of whom I love and respect. My college friends, my knit friends, my colleagues--held in high esteem--are older than me.

You can reply "and wiser" as I am set up for it.

I have been reading of many reasons in your e-mails to include many of you in my prayers. Today is a good day to take that on. I am a Big Fan of Oprah and she one time said something like "the only prayer that you should ever have to say is thank you" and I do a LOT of those prayers. And, it's good to ask for what you need as well.

So, lots of prayers out to you . . . thanks for your many kindnesses . . . every day, not just today . . . time to order a pizza and watch a movie!

Oh, and G'pa wished me sun today and, well, by golly, it's a sunny day!

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