Friday, May 16, 2008

Syttende Mai and "Nabber"

Every single year, I miss Syttende Mai. I am busily teaching and donning spring (or winter. Did I just say that?). Every single year. Weeeelllll, not this time. I am wearing my t-shirt (proudly purchased in Decorah, IA). Do a big whoooHooooo here because this is a big step towards a bunad.

In addition, I celebrated receiving My Stimulus Check (or hopes of receiving My Stimulus Check) with a yarn stash purchase. Recognize it from YH.

I was a total nabber. I think "nabber" is a grabber, but a nice grabber?


Solveig said...

Cool T-shirt :) We've had a nice "s√łttende mai" here south in Norway. Many places had snow today. Not so warm - so not too much ice cream...

Meema said...

I LOVE your shirt! Did you pick it up during Fest?