Sunday, September 6, 2009

What if . . . ?

I am officially a What If'er. You know.

What if I forgot to lock the back door? Pad pad pad, check the back door--locked. What if I didn't turn off the coffee pot? You know.

So, I started a pair of Spiral Boot Socks. The pattern suggests three skeins of Reynold's Soft Sea Wool which accumulates to 486 yards. I have ONE skein of Dream In Color Smooshy. It has (4 oz) 450 yards. The pattern is written for a size 8 foot. I have a 6 1/2 to 7 foot. I figure that's about 36 yards less yarn in foot length.

What if I run out of yarn?
Call The Yarn Store.

Usually, I keep a project's yarn label, along with a sample stapled in my knitting notebook and copious notes about the project (not unlike My Grama, who kept track of every pitch, hit, run, ball, strike, fowl of every Twins baseball game on radio or TV in her notebook when I was growing up). I keep ball bands and labels (which has stitch count, fiber content, colorway, dye lot, etc). Lost this.

Trying to explain the above to the woman at The Yarn Store, she totally understands (whew). We make an elaborate plan for me to bring in my project, she has some saved in the back in the same colorway, different weight. So, I did this. And, we make a second plan to order another skein.

While waiting for The Yarn Store Woman to write up my contact information, I peruse the shelf and other available colors because by now, I love the yarn.

I FOUND ANOTHER SKEIN IN THE BACK OF THE DISPLAY CUBBY! It was right there way in the back waiting for me! It knew about me and "what if's" and was just waiting! Some exaltations and elations and I purchased the yarn!

Now, just more knitting!

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Solveig said...

Lucky you! Lovely colour. I wish I could find more sock yarns in the shops here.
I've just finished my first Spiral boot sock. Should start the other one before other projects gets in the way.

PS. I'm a `what if´ - person too..