Saturday, October 16, 2010


Okay, I am such a band-wagon-eer. I read "Needled" (Kate Davies) blog quite faithfully, so when she posted on about finding buttons from this collection being sold (here:, I had to check it out. And, found the most amazing glass buttons from the 40's and 50's that were made by a gentleman and being sold by his daughter (in the UK).

I ordered a pair of butterscotch glass buttons that are quite sizey (shown in photo, top). They came yesterday! Aaah.
My favorite part, and the "seller" for me was that the maker used odd metal buckles, findings and adornments, etc. to imprint the face of the button. In this case, the buttons I purchased have little indentations and dots. I do not like shiney, so when I found these matte glass buttons, whalah.

Now, I must dream up something to knit for them. I almost slept with them for dream-ability.

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Anonymous said...

Dixie was at Knit Nation in London this past July and I bought a set of blue buttons to go with some Wollmeise yarn I had purchased for a sweater and a single button for a gray hoodie that I finished last spring. Really beautiful to see a lot of them in person!