Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fox River Sock Sale

We visited the Annual Fox River Sock Sale 2010 in Osage, IA again.

After gathering all the socks that we found interesting and cheap, we met and tried to narrow our choices. My Husband was the best sorter and bagger.

Then, we brought them home and showed them off. The ones with the little white and black label and the outline of a fox (head) were $1 USD. The FRM's were $2 USD. Everything else was $3 USD per pair.


Anonymous said...

So glad you could make it to the sale. I remember helping your husband find a few pairs of wool boot socks (brown heather with a black stripe at the top). Glad to hear you enjoyed your trip again to the Fox River Annual Benefit Sock Sale! It was a great turn out for a great cause. Hope to see you and your husband again next year.

Fox River Socks

Cambria said...

ooh, i see some i want! :) looks like it was kinda crazy...