Saturday, February 11, 2012

Muhu Island

The other day, our Mail Lady left this:

The package weighed a LOT. I was barely able to lift and drag it into the house from the front stoop. I am grateful that she left it, as it would have required an additional trip for her to-ing and from-ing the truck on another day.

And, inside the box was this:
Wrapping with unusual photographs from WWII.

And, inside the wrapping was this:

This book is huge. It is HUGE. It weighs almost as much as a large dog. Or, a kitchen chair. Well, maybe not quite that much. But it weights a LOT.

I became smitten with the book after Kate Davies described it here:
It was also described here:

But, we bought it here:
which is where it all started in the first place! The love of Estonia! The knitting, the gracious teaching of the history and techniques of Estonian knitting with Nancy Bush.
If you were to ask me, of all of my favorite books, knitting or other, often this comes to mind:
Again, the rich history, techniques and the gracious teaching of Nancy Bush makes it almost always my favorite.

Did I mention the book is in English, as well?

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