Sunday, April 29, 2012

Yarnover 2012

Visit to Yarnover 2012 (Minnesota Knitter's Guild event) meant spending a little time at The Yarnery booth in the market.  The Yarnery's self-published book Wearwithall is fabulous.  The little taupe and coral mitten in the center was my test-knit project for the book.  Super cute.

Then off to class with Susanna Hansson.  She taught "Great Beginnings", so lots of little samples of lots of cast-ons.  Like this one, where we learned about "jiggling":


 And this one where we learned about "tweeked" and, of course, not tweeked.

There was yarnly goodness in the market:

After lunch, class with Annie Modesitt.  She taught "Mad for Plaid" with lots of intarsia and slip stitching.

Super tired after Yarnover.  Nice to sit in the chair and think of all the nice things learned in the day!


twinsetellen said...

Oh, your mittens are really great!

I was sorry we lost track of you when we went to find a place to eat at lunch. Regardless, it was wonderful to see your Blue Light in person. It really looked like it was designed for you - the colors are fantastic for you!

skrapyram said...

sounds fantastic! someday . . .