Sunday, October 7, 2007

Blogging and Knitting

I am distracted from sock knitting. The Socks in the City (SITC) blog (Yarnery, St. Paul, MN) has been a great way for me to start posting photos and knitting projects. But, like I said, I am distracted from my sock projects!

Greatly distracted.

First distraction: I put Friendship Mittens (see photo) in the cue as a most important project to work on.

Second distraction: I am currently attempting to craft a crown for my Halloween "costume" . . . which is comprised (so far) of a vintage black velvet full-length coat and a crown of crepe paper inspired from a pattern in "Alterknits: Imaginative Projects and Creativity Projects" (Radford, 2005). I have until October 31 to finish this piece . . . the challenge is to knit one row per day. Today, it is Oct. 7, so I have to knit in arrears to catch up. I also need to allow time for beads, buttons and ribbon enhancement. This is a top secret project . . . only my closest knitting confidants know of this.

The astute blog reader would have caught the above mention of sock "projects". I have posted two to-finish-the-toes sock projects on SITC blog. I am committed to get these done so I can be entered in the contest to win more yarn. In addition, I have started a cute, cute, cute pair of (Sock Pixie sock pattern) kind-of-lacey Fleece Artist yarn socks. Not fair that I just finish a toe in October for the SITC contest.

It's all about fair.

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