Saturday, November 24, 2007

Recent hand surgery has been a challenging and humbling experience.
Recovering delights that I have encountered:

Can do:
watch i-movie things sent to keep me in good humor
read my e-mail
write responses similar to how my husband usually types
pee (no details)
cuddle up on the couch and watch nothing important
cut an apple and throw 7/8ths of it away because it's to much work
make chips and cheese in the microwave
sign up for a Yahoo account
look at knitting blogs
clip fingernails of 1 hand
put on loose socks
wear clothes that were Good Will potentiates because they have elastic
put on Chapstick
get one ice cube

Cannot do:
wear contact lenses
fold laundry
dust (that is not hand-related)

. . . many thanks for all the items on the CAN do list!

1 comment:

Mary said...

Yikes, sokk girl. Your hand surgery hasn't affected your startlingly beautiful photos. The bridge ceiling and the yarn from Madrona--beautiful in themselves and more beautiful together.