Saturday, November 24, 2007

Snow Pile

When it snowed recently, the flakes coming down were the size of a slice of pepperoni. Really! So, I tried to take some pictures. Many were wet and soggy, of the deck or sidewalk, so I tried another approach.

This really captures the scene best.
Snow in snow.

Today, I received my Holiday Biggest-Issue-of-the-Year J. Crew catalog.
I cannot possibly shop like this!

There has to be some knitting in here somewhere! I took a photo of My Knitting Pile.
All projects are on hold until my hand is better
healed (or they let me out of this cast).

1 comment:

Sarah W said...

Sorry to hear about your hand surgery, but I say your socks on SITCKAL and they look great. hope you are feeling well... and by that I mean I hope that some of the things from your can't do list are moving their way to the can do list... well except the dusting!!