Saturday, March 1, 2008

Visit to Tacoma, WA

I have never been to WA state before other than to fly through the airport via Vancouver, CA. What a treat to actually visit Tacoma, WA. The trip had been a "carrot" for work in hand therapy and surgery recovery. My visit was with a friend to visit a friend.

We were fortunate registrants and attendees of Madrona Fiber Arts Retreat in mid-February.

One of our favorite classes was from Susanna Hansson, Mittens of Rovaniemi. Susanna led us through the technique--demystifying and teaching. She shared a wealth of examples and research. Susanna is a kind, competent instructor. This is a photo of my work space in class. We were encouraged to start on a larger sample, then choose colors for a wristlet project on smaller needles. We used Satekieli yarn in a soft creamy color for the background, then chose our colors for the "woven" outer pattern. This class was a wonderful experience! Luckily, I had my Friend in class for encouragement and sharing JuJu candies!

The following day, we took Tvaandstickning class with Nancy Bush. Nancy is an enjoyable, talented teacher and researcher. We were given a mitten pattern in class to learn a variety of stitches using tvaandstickning (twined knitting); however, I opted on a simpler project that was a bit less taxing. I am a fan of workspace photos, so here is one of Nancy's work in progress (a mitten in two-color tvaandstickning and a delightful nostepinne).

We also ate Juju's in Nancy's class. Really, we needed them for stamina and energy.

In addition, we took "Cool Socks" class from Lucy Neatby. She is sooooooo fabulous. I had to block out all of the color in her class as I have a significant color aversion, but that is my deficiency. Lucy used video for much of her teaching. This was cool! I felt so 21st Century and supported as a learner. How better than to SEE what you are learning!

We took a little excursion to the Glass Museum.

There is a little display on the bridge along the way.

The bridge ceiling is really cool!

The Madrona Fiber Arts Market should not be minimized . . . LOTS of yarn. A favorite--Socks that Rock (STR) Blue Moon Fiber Arts.

LOTS of shopping. Do not tell My Husband.

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