Saturday, March 22, 2008


This much snow (8") is like a free pass to knit. All day. On anything you want.

I started a Kauni sweater in the morning. I used "Aunt Myrtle's Cast On" (which is really a Norwegian cast-on, I think, but Aunt Myrtle taught this to me) in a two-color twisting method. I love it. Then, I started the k1p1 rib alternating colors. It is VERY small on my 24" needle. This is deceiving because it is 24". But really, it might be 24". I think I have to start over.

And, later in the day, I knit on my Felted Slippers. I ended the second slipper "top" with about 7" of yarn and two rows to go. Thank you, miscalculations at the yarn store, that I have another skein. Hm.

Doesn't sound like a lot of knitting, but it was beautiful outside. The snow was distracting. I had to watch and guess how much was piling up. In March.

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