Saturday, April 5, 2008

Fun Facts

My smart and savvy friend sent me a few fun facts on my VIP (birthday, April 4) day:
  • On this day in 1881, a centrifugal separator was patented by Edwin J. Houston and Elihu Thomson which enabled the cream to be separated from milk.
  • Around this time, in the Netherlands, Casparus Van Wooden patented a chocolate powder which could be stirred into milk.
  • And on this day in 1812, the Territory of Orleans became the State of Louisiana. (and the beignets were grand!)
So I'm (she's) thinking that you were born on the "Treats" day! Cream, chocolate milk, and Louisiana.

I do not know about Louisiana (my smart friend does), but I DO know about cream and chocolate.

I wonder who was born on the same day that sock yarn was improved greatly by the addition of a little nylon.


~~Louise~~ said...

Happy Birthday Susan,
What a novel site. I hope you don't take this personally, I happened upon your site in search of info on cream separation and lo and behold, I discovered the chocolate powder item. I just celebrated Chocolate Milk Powder Day on my blog. You may want to take a peek cause the man's name is Van Houten not Van Wooden. I also included GREAT easy recipes.

Thanks for your time and my delightful visit:)

~~Louise~~ said...

Woops! It's the Months of Edible Celebrations blog for the recipes & the info.

Sorry about that:)

Solveig said...

Hello Susan. Thanks for commenting on my blog :)
And happy birthday!