Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Just Duck-ey

This is the coolest . . . duck thing. A few years ago, we had a duck nest in The Front Bush. We had 13 duck babies launch from their nest. We got to watch the Trip to The Pond. Each year, the ducks return. This year, they founded a nest in some brush that made its way to The Brush Pile for compost. OOohMahyGosh. THEDUCKEGGSWEREINTHERE!!!! So, My Husband thought that it would be a good idea to do this after ripping them from their egg-safe place:

Humane Society People, it is really important that it is noted that My Husband used a vintage stool for this Duck Shelter. I think extra points are available for this.

We also had a SECOND Duck Nest that My Husband unearthed in The Garden. He moved the eggs to a safer place; however, The Ducks moved them BACK!

These ducks are WAhaahiiiild! CraaaahzEY.

More on any knitting later. I gotta watch The Ducks.

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