Sunday, April 13, 2008


Everybody was yucked by the weather on Thursday night. Getting to YH was dangerous. Walking, driving and the avoidance of saying offensive bad words--all dangerous.

The Yarnery did YH with incredible flair. They created a memorable event with unmatched personal enthusiasm. They had the VonYarnery Family Singers who sang hysterical, crack-me-up lyrics to all the really good songs from "Sound of Music". When they were done singing, I could have just gone home, totally content that I had gotten my Money's Worth. It was a free event, so it was like getting something very valuable for free.

Then, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee came out and took traveling sock photos.

She is so cool.

And she talked and blathered about knitting, brain research and life. She could have yapped all night and we would have just sat there holding our sides, praying to The Gods of I Can Hold It A-Little-While-Longer that we did not have to go to the bathroom in the middle of her important messages.

I saw this while YH was speaking. Pretty much captured the whole event. Laden with camera and a smiles, The Yarnery Employees had as good of a time as The Ticket Holders. I think so.

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incaknits said...

Is that payback? Heck that isn't even the worst photo of me I've seen :) I'm so glad that you were there and had a good time!! See you in the store!!