Sunday, May 4, 2008


I have listed my first eBay item . . . not a heroic, admirable accomplishment; however, it is possible that it will help My Husband get some items out of the basement/garage/storage space. In addition, I found that I can knit and post at the same time as there is a bit of slowedness online.

I was commenting that I would like to get up and move around a bit so as I do not develop any chair sores (there has to be a medical condition like this, like bed sores?). My Husband, quick-to-whittedly shot back "not when you're on those ----in' Sock Lady Blogs, you can sit there, no problem" and "your --- don't get tired".

My Husband has a fowl mouth, now doesn't he? Grammatically incorrect as well.

Declared Rubberband War. Now.

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