Friday, May 9, 2008

More Mail

I do like to shop at home . . . don't get me wrong, retail--I still love that I can go to the store and appreciate every human being with a nametag who helps make my day easier, kinder and brighter. But, if I shop at/from home, it's all up to me. I can go into the stash and shop. Or, I can find interesting things on the knitting internet world.

When my most recent internet swipe was delivered, it came with this pre-printed "RECEIVED IN DAMAGED CONDITION" tape stucked all around the box borders. I say "stucked" because it is definitely past-tense stuck. A am a grammarian by nature and want to push those rules around when I can.

Anywho . . . the tape.



Thank goodness the package packing people at BMFA are experienced knitters and would not endanger the precious life of soon-to-be-monkeys yarn.

Aaaaah. The tube.

And, the yarn. Safe and sound. I cannot say that about the taper who put all that tape on my package. Aargh.

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