Sunday, June 1, 2008


I am so dirty. I have sweat on every body part. I have soil on all those places as well. Really, I mean soil as in earth dirt from the garden. After being wet and rained on for day after day after day, it is exhuberating to be in the garden and digging and pulling and digging.

Ohmygosh, I forgot what it was like to sweat and get dirt all over me.

We planted tomatoes and onions and four different basils and some spinach and some tomatoes (Did I say that again, well it's worth it) and some cucs. That is the vegetable section. My passion is pulling crab grass. That is right next to knitting socks on the list of Most Favorite Things To Do When I Get To Do What I Want To Do. It would look like this:

Most Favorite Things To Do
When I Get To Do What I Want To Do
  1. Knit socks.
  2. Pull crab grass.
  3. Think about knitting socks.
  4. Think about pulling crab grass.
  5. Read.
  6. Read books about knitting and cooking garden goods.
Well, it is sunny and I am not wet and rained on, except for the sweat part that I told you about.

Pee Ess: I have been hunkered in teaching suburban elementary school students and trying not to listen when they want to tell me how many days to the last day of school. I usually just keep teaching until somebody tells me it's time to go home for the summer. It's been fine that it's been raining.

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