Sunday, June 8, 2008


In my neighborhood, we stay inside for the most part, all winter. Then, when Spring comes, we usually start outside slowly--greeting each other across the back fence, walking across the street to say hello, etc. We start to grill out and we enjoy summer smells. The garden needs weeding. Baby ducks hatch. The Ice Cream Truck starts to sing each night.

This year, we all came screeching out of our houses, calling each other on the phone from house to house, talking and walking over to each other's homes. E-mailing each other.

My Go-to-Guy neighbor developed neuroblastoma and is currently in Children's Hospital. He mows my lawn and helps me unload my car when My Husband is not home. I joke with him that if his parents don't want him anymore, he can come live with us. Then we joke about who has what at each other's house. His parents keep winning.

As far as neighbors go, we all want to support the family in any way that we can.

Shortly after this news, My Husband was home one afternoon and saw the local 911 response team at one of my other neighbor's home. He went over to their house and witnessed one of My Sweet Baby Neighbors having a seizure. She is in the same hospital as Go-to-Guy.

Again, we all want to support this family, too. In any way that we can.

There was a benefit for Go-to-Guy neighbor today. Pet grooming, hot dogs and a car wash.

And all of the kindnesses of people that you can imagine.

We are hearing of Sweet Baby's improvements. She has Influenza Type A. They know what to do.

It was knitting time as much as possible today. In between knitting and helping times, it was time for praying. Talk about multitasking.

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Carolyn Wing said...

I am praying for your neighbor. Carolyn Wing/Angel_Wings grandma to Laura Stage IV neuroblastoma page name LauraVDB
Could you email me his name?