Saturday, June 28, 2008


This week, some wonderful friends and I drove to Stockholm (you can guess not the SE one now because we DROVE there). We had rented a "B" (not a B-n-B because there was no Breakfast, just Bed). On Tuesday, we had plans to visit Gwen, a notable antiques dealer, then go for Pizza at The Farm.

When we got to The B, we ate lunch and knit on the front stoop.

After eating, we went for a visit to Gwen's. She gave us a garden tour, a house tour, a visit to her shop and a tour of her delightful treats. There were these little shaved carrot and olive open-faced sandwiches with walnuts that we all decided was Our New Favorite Thing (along with the Cocoa Mint Cookies). We got the recipe for the cookies from Gwen and will make them for the rest of our lives as they are just wonderful. Just like she is.

After shopping and eating, we went to The Farm (A to Z Produce at N2956 Anker Lane, Stockholm, WI 54769) for pizza (review here). This is a phenomenon, I think. Or a cult following, possibly. We arrived and parked. TONS of cars were parked everywhere and it was out in The Middle of Nowhere. No signs. Nothing to tell you that The Best Pizza is there. It looked kindof like a country auction. The pizza is served only on Tuesday nights. It's BYO Everything (i.e., ground cloth, napkins, beverages, forks, plates, picnic table--more on that later, etc.).

We walked towards the action. It was not far to walk, I think because we knew there was goodness slightly ahead.

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Solveig said...

Sounds like a nice retreat. Hope you have a nice summer!