Saturday, June 28, 2008

Pizza on The Farm

When we arrived at Pizza on The Farm, there were people sitting in the yard space on the ground, in self-brought chairs and chatting up a slight talk-roar. If you do not like sitting and eating on the ground with a lot of people--maybe not your thing.

There is this guy:

I think he does the making of the pizzas and brings them out to the wood-fire brick oven. I think he actually does the running. He was hard to "catch" with my camera.

After we ordered our pizza, we walked around and tried to decide on a spot to sit. My friends tried to get this table after these people were done, but it was actually THEIR table. They brought it with. When they were done eating pizza, they loaded it back into their truck.

Then, I saw this basket.
And this young woman, just carrying it like she was USING it--the most fabulous old white-painted basket--probably a really a good one for toting knitting. So, I "kineered" * her and her friend. I did feel a bit creepy about kineering them, so I did go up and talk to them. I complimented them on the basket, and we got on chatting.

The taller young woman with the dark hair is an Independent Farmer in Maine. Their story had many twists and turns that made us good friends in a very short time. It turned out that they had just been to Grand Marais, MN and took Boat Building Class at North House Folk School. I assumed that they built a boat. Then, they were on their way to Seed Savers in Decorah, IA. They asked what I was doing at Pizza on the Farm and of course, I had to tell them I was retreating with friends from last-year's Norway/Sweden trip. They looked at each other and laughed. They were JUST talking about going there. To Norway. To see boats. Then I put up that while they were in Decorah, they could not miss Vesterheim Norwegian-American Museum. It has a big Norwegian boat.

* "kineered" or "kineering" is a Yarn Harlot term (and my loose use) for sneaking a photo of someone/thing, I think. I might be mis-using the term (and possibly mis-spelling it), but I'm using it and doing it a lot lately.

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