Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Gold Rush

For many years, my family has participated in Oronocco Gold Rush.  I met My Husband there and it has recently become an end-of-the-summer time for us.  When I "do" Gold Rush--shopping and selling--it means it is almost time for teachers to return to school, followed by, of course, the returning of students.

So, I do go shopping.  I bought this skirt.  I think it is possibly made 
from curtain fabric; however, it will NOT remind me of 
The Kitchen.

And, I bought this bracelet from Judy.  It felt a bit large until I wore it for approximately 48 seconds and fell in LOVE with it.

I also bought some bling-ey jewelry and a doll head to start a collection. And a long necklace with cool beads and sparkley glass.  Oh, and some plaster fruit to add to my Plaster Fruit Collection.

Many friends were absent this year, aging or getting ready to age.  A few people who were there this year willn't be there next year.  I am glad for the times that we've had together and the things that I have purchased across the years that will remind me of them for a long time.  Cherished friends.

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