Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sheepy Books

A few weeks ago, I received the book on the left (sheepy mystery novel) in the mail as a "treat". And, I own the book on the right (a gift from my mother--nonfiction title on HOW TO RAISE, eat, shear, feed, etc. sheep).

I awoke for one of those I-can't-sleep-middle-of-the-night-reading times and thought that I would start reading the book on the left. Soooo, I got up, turned the light on, got the book, cuddled back into the flannels, adjusted the pillow, turned on the heating pad to "medium" hotness and opened the book. I had the book on the right. Darnit. SO, I got up, went to where I thought I had put the book (again) and returned to bed. With no book. If I really wanted to sleep, I would have read the book on the right.

The next morning, when I was really awake, I found the book on the left just where it was supposed to be. Where I put it. And, I'm reading it right now. In the middle of the night, just like I wanted.


Anonymous said...

;) hope you are enjoying the mystery!

AmyO said...

I think I'd like the book on the right better, myself! Enjoy!