Saturday, December 20, 2008

Snow Kitty

A couple of weeks ago, we had some excitement at our home upon rising one morning. Our motion detector light came on in the back yard. We had a "visitor" (uninvited human). This was almost as exciting as what the visiting kitties had left on our front step--their really yucky road kill meal.

When My Husband made a whole chicken recently, he saved the carcass and put it "out" for the kitties. One little girl found it this morning. Then came back this afternoon for a bit more meal. It is approximately 9 degrees outside and very snow-ey.

We are not "cat people". This is extra-ordinary behavior on My Husband's part. The poor little thing is ssssoooooooo cute. It has pretty mottled gray hair and bright little eye balls and perky pointy ears. Aaaaaw. And she's really skittish.

After all this, My Husband heated some bacon grease and chicken chunks. We put this out for her to eat, too.

Hopefully it will warm her little heart.

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