Monday, December 22, 2008


My Daughter had inkled this fall that she wanted "made items" for Christmas. I decided that I would try to give at least one made gift to each person on my list. For example, My Mother does occasional rug hooking, so I thought I would dye her some wool. I purchased a nice cream-colored plaid wool fabric and thought I would over-dye and maintain the pattern.

I tossed my dye pan on the stove and tossed in some Cushings (garnet colorway). I took one look at the dyebath and noticed that it was more purple-ey then I had expected. Oh well. I chucked the piece of plaid wool in. Then I noticed that it was much more darker than I had fabric. Oh well. I went upstairs and took another piece of wool from the stash room. And, I decided I could toss a little Eco Wool yarn (left over from recent knitting of felted clogs). It was a small ball, but I just chucked that in the bath as well. It simmered for a while. Then I rinsed everything and dried it. This is what I got.

The photos do not adequately show the mottled coloration, and of course it looks less purple than purple.

Nonetheless, good for what could have been atrocious. It's okay to be a novice as long as the product doesn't end up in the garbage!

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