Saturday, February 7, 2009

Long Time

I have not blogged for a bit . . . there has been a lot of busy-ness in my life in January. I ripped through January like a Snicker's bar. Well, if I ate Snicker's Bars, I would definitely down one in three large bites.

So, I am up early getting My Husband readied for attending a funeral. This means that I listen to all of the people stories and the connections surrounding the people. And, I know he will see all of the people in these stories today. He just has to say them out loud.

While I was listening, I found this on pepperknit's blog while hovering on Ravelry:

2×2 hat
Yarn: Manos del Uruguay
Color: 105
Skeins: 1
Needles: US 8
Cast on 108, knit for just over 5 inches, then started decreasing. Did in multiples of 12 to start, and worked a blank row (no decreasing) between decrease rows until there were 5 stitches between decreases. Then I picked up the pace and decreased every round, til there were 9 stitches. Drew through, and called this baby finito.

I was searching through free patterns and upping them to my "Library". What a wiz. I just don't know how to save this one in my library . . . I'll get to wiz on that later.

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