Friday, July 24, 2009

Rauma Yarn (Rauma Garn) and other goodies

When you want to purchase Rauma yarn (Finullgarn, Gammelserie and the felting one that I can never remember the name of), Syvilla Tweed Bolson is IT. She has been carrying unusual and highly-saught-after Norwegian specialty yarns as long as I can remember. Like this:

And, this was a found treasure of Perendale, which will someday become a pair of socks or something sock-like (from Syvilla's treasures).

Syvilla and her quality yarn can be found at:
512 Locust Road
Decorah, IA 52101
Phone: 563.382.3711

Syvilla sells weaving yarns and other accroutments for knitting and weaving. Good stuff.

RIGHT NOW, at this very minute, friends are celebrating Nordic Fest (also in Decorah) and probably hung out at Vesterheim Norwegian-American Museum today. Wish I was buying yarn at Syvilla's and eating a quality lunch at the Oneota Food Co-Op!


Anonymous said...

I love Syvilla's yarns, too, and feel so lucky to have her importing yarn from Norway.
Mary the cherry picker

Anonymous said...

Syvila is a generous, sharing person, Her selection of knitting and weaving yarns is wonderful. It is so nice to have the Rauma yarns available in so many colors.