Wednesday, July 8, 2009

This mitered square sock blanket has traveled to Sweden! And, to the emergency room at least 3 times with side effects of a nasty case of c-diff bacteria. We (we, because My Husband has to do almost everything for me) are working on my second course of antibiotics (second antibiotic). I had to forgo my summer job teaching. Aargh.

Since I have been sick (and traveled while recovering), I have been working on this blanket . . . it is a just-right project that requires just enough thinking to be distracting, but not enough brain power that requires actual thinking. The square knitting becomes like making your favorite cookie recipe. It makes my tummy feel better.

In Sweden, a friend and I traveled to Uppsala, SE; to Tallin, Estonia; to Saterglantan (Insjon, SE), then to Falun, to Goteborg and on to Stockholm for our return flight. At Saterglantan, we took a short course in Natural Dying with Mia Olsson. When feeling up to it, I will post photos of my "lottery winnings" of the yarns dyed in our course. Amazing!

Oh, and I am getting mail from myself . . . yarns! LYS, will not be visiting for quite awhile.

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