Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tallin, Estonia Visit

On a recent trip to Sweden, we took a little side-trip to Tallinn, Estonia. There was lots of knitting and yarn and books to be found. Found is the important information. We stayed at Hotel Bern on Aia street (10 minutes from the airport via speedy taxi). The hotel is within easy walking distance of everything, is small (58 rooms), clean and the staff were outstanding. This is a little picture of the b'fast fixin's. They had cereal, hot eggs/meat, cold meat and cheese, a variety of beverages and The Best Corn Flakes of the whole trip. The wait staff at breakfast was also polite and on top of the b'fast game. No empty platters or bowls here!

One evening, we climbed to the "top" of the city and viewed the city from an over-look. This was well worth the walk and lots of stops along the way to rest and enjoy the city. We stopped in a little cafe on the hill/steps up and I had THE BEST pesto-filled buttery flakey roll thing-ey of my LIVING DAYS and My Friend had THE BEST berry tart thing-ey. Ymmmmmmmmmmmmm is not even describing of these treats.

And, there were several Koosituu shops offering mittens, art goods, etc.

And, this "Wall of Sweaters". It's on the map like that--Wall of Sweaters.

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