Thursday, July 16, 2009

Saterglantan, SE

When you arrive at Saterglantan (in Insjon, SE) you see this cheerful sign! This can only mean good things to come!

A friend and I had registered to take a one-week course (short course) "Natural Dying". We arrived the evening before the course was to begin. When we got to the train station (by train), there was an expansive gravel parking lot. We were EARLY. A few factors played into our next experience: There was no "station" or any businesses to inquire of our ride (prepared for 3 hours later), it was the weekend following Midsommer, so still considered a holiday day. It was a warm sunny afternoon.

I inquired of a family (also in the parking lot) if they knew about arriving at Saterglantan. Puzzled, the wife said there were no taxis, etc. and promptly volunteered her husband to ride us the 3 kilometers there. Which he did. Shining armour was donned and we were off!

Each meal looked like this. Serving pieces were HUGE pottery bowls with carved wooden ladles, beautiful platters with cheeses and meats, etc. Always fresh food. Later, this came to be known, that the vegetables were local and FRESH.

This was my Princess Bed (which I considered fit for a princess).

And this was what we did in Natural Dying class. It might look complicated, which it was. Our instructor, Mia Olsson, guided us through the processes--washing and mordenting the yarn; gathering and preparing a variety of leaves and bark and roots, crushing cochenile, soaking lichen, mixing indigo; rinsing and washing and rinsing and whahlah, beautiful colored yarn (next time)!

Oh, and did I mention shopping at the Butiken?

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