Monday, August 24, 2009

Humming Bird

The other morning, My Husband was looking out the back, sliding-glass-deck door and saw a hummingbird in the flower garden. I had to take a closer look, so went out onto the deck.

The hummingbird flitted over to another side-area garden and did his/her flitty flying into the flowers there. It then LANDED ON THE CLOSE LINE and sat there looking at us on the deck. Then, IT FLEW UP TO THE DECK RAILING AND FLITTI-ED WITHIN A FOOT OF OUR FACES! It was looking at us looking at it!

This is nothing a camera could capture (otherwise I would post the photo on this blog entry) especially since the camera was inside and we were outside. This is one of those photos that will have to be captured in our memory. I'll be old(er) and remark "remember the hummingbird on the closeline" and it will cause a smile.

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