Saturday, August 8, 2009

Butternut Dye Bath

I tried some natural dye-ing at home. Allbymyself (well kinda, with e-mail support and with the kindnesses of My Husband).

I purchased some natural yarn (both skeins, top one dyed-- with butternut, one natural--bottom skein) from Hickory Hills (located in Nelson, WI) at the Eagle Coffee Shop (not it's real name, but Eagle Something) in Wabasha, MN. This yarn shopping was whilst on girls retreat in Stockholm, WI.

I dyed with butternuts (top brown-ish) we collected at our retreat rental home--amazing. When readying, My Husband helped schlep the water and the hot plate and the hose, and the tubs. He watched me checking the temperature and asked important questions like "is it getting warm?" and "is it warm-er?".

In the same dyebath, I put this grey wool (undyed on the right) and out came a nice brown-grey.

I am pretty pleased with this allbymyself dying effort.

Now, what to knit?

Oh, and did I mention I know The Mayor of Wabasha, MN? And, that they have a nice store where to purchase Swedish Fish? It's actually a chocolate store, but I like Swedish Fish.

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