Friday, July 30, 2010

Saterglantan Knitting Course 2010

The recent course "Knitting with Traditional Swedish Patterns and Techniques" held at Saterglantan School in Insjon, SE was amazing! Rich in history, technique, inspiration; and, conducted in Swedish. The course instructor, Karin Kahnlund, apprised me frequently of what she was lecturing of. After some translation attempts before taking the course and a shallow familiarity with knitting techniques and history, I did get the "jist" if it. Did I mention that I do not speak Swedish? No.

Karin provided countless examples and samples, then put us to work each day. It was mostly open-ended in work; however, the focus was studying an area (or two) in Sweden each day and learning of the history and techniques unique to the area.

These were samples and patterns for samples provided by Karin. I spent most of my class work time translating the patterns so I could make sure of accurate details.

And, did some knitting!

I am currently working on completing samples and blocking them. Many of my knitting ideas take the shape of fingerless gloves, so am excited about this work!

The yarn primarily used was Kunst Strikkegarn. It easily spit splices and blocks magically and has lovely, bold colors, including gray.

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