Tuesday, July 27, 2010

We arrived in Uppsala, SE on July 15, staying at the Hotel Uppsala. The rooms were in the process of renovation, so we had a small, dingy room to start, but b'fast was amazing. And the staff very helpful!

We went on a nice walk to the castle, church and botanical gardens in Uppsala. This is the most walking that I have accomplished in over one year. So, all of the scenery was stunning, fresh and photograph-able!

On one of our walks, we found a small marketplace with various meats and cheese, candies and baked goods from Holland. They had beautiful cheese.

Sandwiches at Barista with a mystery salad made of cucumber, onion, some type of coarse bulgar (yellow), all difficult to replicate, so savory to the last bite!

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Knitarina said...

My new Hiya Hiyas is perfect with the extra thin Wålstedt yarn I bought when we were in Sätergläntan. Thanks!